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Edge HPX is a one of a kind supplement made with effective all natural ingredients. From Zinc to Barrenwort, Edge HPX is designed to act as a powerful testosterone booster. Testosterone boosters are supplements that significantly raise the amount of testosterone in the body, while limiting estrogen. T-Boosters massively increase sex drive, multiply energy levels, and make erections firmer, larger and longer lasting.

Used by both high level athletes for peak performance and the erection challenged to reach prime sexual function, it's a no brainer.

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Sex is important. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. Sexual prowess is the basis of many relationships. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what a bigger penis can offer. Using Edge HPX leads to a more fulfilled, active sexual life. Whether your significant other and you are enjoying a long night of passionate lovemaking or you are just trying to be the Casanova of your city, Edge HPX stands out from the competition with its consistency to make a difference.

Within days of taking Testosterone booster users report higher energy and increased erectile function and sensitivity. This leads to a more intimate and attentive sexual experience whilst substantially increasing overall pleasure during intercourse. Edge HPX simply makes erections better. From size and durability, to potency and muscle increase, your erection will change to fit your lover’s needs quickly without any negative side effects. Surprise and satisfy your partners with ease with the best present they could ask for, a mind blowingly good time. With Edge HPX, they’ll be beating down your door and calling your phone at all hours of the night just to try and get another round to two in.


Here is a list of interesting statistcis about erectile dysfunction and a male's Sex Drive.

  • According to the Cleveland Clinic, 52% of men experience erectile dysfunction,
  • 48% of men suffer one or more side effects when using Viagra.
  • 80% of all cases the causes of erectile problems are down to physical reasons.
  • 67% stated that sex was important to their relationship and long term happiness.
  • 28% of men with low testosterone had low libido.

A Man's Sex drive is one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship. Edge HPX boosts testosterone levels, enabling men to STAY HARD and LAST LONG.

How It Works?

Edge HPX is dependent on a few ingredients due to its organic composition and strict non-use of fillers. Agmatine, L-Arginine, and Epimedium are three of the chief ingredients in the product that make the biggest impact on sexual prowess.


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Two words no man ever wants to hear in their life are Erectile Dysfunction. It is the summarization of impotence, which equates to difficult reproducing. It really is the inability to sexually perform at the optimum level that one may be accustomed to. It’s a disorder that afflicts a majority of the male population before 60 and almost all males at some point in their lives will have to deal with it. The bad news, is that more often than not, it is the result of aging. Beginning in the 30s, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, testosterone levels start to dip, gradually and then dramatically. Mental clarity is not what it once was. Sexual drive and performance is not as pleasurable or as intense as it once was. Muscular composition in the body begins to turn to fat often around the abdomen and chest. Long days take a heavier toll and fatigue sets in, further killing motivation to workout. It can feel like the vitality that was a primary driving force is disappearing or lessening. Erectile Dysfunction treatments have progressed over the past twenty years with the advancement of science and technology and new treatments are developed every year, each more effective than the last.

No longer does one need to feel responsible for an ailment that is becoming increasingly easier and easier to treat. Getting your body back on track doesn’t need to cost a big chunk of funds and it doesn’t need to be a hard process. Between living a clean active lifestyle, taking the right supplements, and staying positive, the situation can be improved as quickly as it came. Amongst the myriad of options, both questionable and wildly successful, Androgenyx Edge HPX leads the pack as one of the most successful testosterone boosters on the market. With positive results in muscle mass generation, strength improvement, sexual performance and mental clarity, it’s rapidly establishing itself as one of the hardest to find but best cost effective solutions available. With a composition that is entirely comprised of organic, simple, and easily processable ingredients, from L-Arginine to horny goat weed, it’s sale as a testosterone booster and workout supplement under promises the full extent of it’s capability as a general health improver and useful tool for combating the effects of aging or testosterone depletion whilst making erectile dysfunction far more manageable and even curable over a period of time. It’s price point is one of it’s most attractive features. Easily purchasable for a fee that is substantially lower than the competition, it’s shipped out in one of the easiest packages to overlook. The company’s discretion makes it easy to receive without raising any eyebrows and is often done quickly and effectively without any extra added costs.

Androgenyx Edge HPX makes it easy to supplement your body’s natural process of converting cholesterol into testosterone without overly stimulating the body. It is usable for the long term without any reported side effects as long as taken as directed. Results can take anywhere from as little as a few days to a month as the body processes and directs the ingredients to where they need to be and may require progressive build up coupled with proper exercise. Like any medicine, it’s effects are most successful when balanced with a clean body and health conscious dieting. This means balancing nutrients the body is supposed to get naturally through digesting and processing meats, vegetables, fruit, and seafood whilst Edge HPX gives the added boost that the producers of testosterone need. It’s recommended dose is dependent on your body. At the very least it is recommended to be taken once a day with a meal. At most two to three times a day with a meal or post workout to allow the recovery oriented properties of Edge HPX to work on muscle recovery and nutrient conversion. Whilst it is good for improving focus and overall cognitive operation, it doesn’t skimp on improving sexual performance and mood. With aphrodisiac ingredients, the overall sex drive reported in users is much higher overtime, with some reporting more frequent stronger erections within only a week of use. Though it won’t alone instantly relieve all signs of erectile dysfunction and its symptoms, it is one of the main supplements that offer a high success rate for aiding in the relief of symptoms whilst improving sexual health. Though it isn’t an erection pill, Edge HPX is meant to be taken overtime as a baseline operator, so keeping to a regiment is essential. Only taking it when it’s needed won’t lead to much more than disappointment. Only by using it as directed daily over a period of time will it be able to deliver the results it offers as one of the best treatments for erectile dysfunction available.